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Another Reason To Not Use Raw Data

Record levels of solar ultraviolet measured in South America | Watts Up With That? h/t to

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Response To Pat Michaels

Pat Michaels was at my presentation yesterday and pointed out at minute 56 that one of the reasons temperature representations have changed is because of the inclusion of southern oceans into the global temperature record. Answering Pat, the main graphics … Continue reading

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Video Of My ICCC Presentation

Here is a link to my presentation yesterday. It unfortunately started with a few technical problems. The slides didn’t get projected until I was several minutes into the presentation, the clicker didn’t work and the platform was at a very … Continue reading

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You Can Dress Him Up, But You Can’t Take Him Out

I put on a suit, but continued to misbehave by talking about the peer-review debunked 1970’s ice age scare. Twitter / capital_climate: .@SteveSGoddard reveals secret …

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