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Trailer For New Global Warming Documentary

Short and very funny trailer for a new C-Fact documentary. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbC82_5YZtA]

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100% Of US Warming Over The Last 20 Years Is Due To Adjustments

Measured US temperatures show no warming over the past 20 years, while the temperatures published by NCDC show 3.4F/century warming during that period. The graph below shows the difference between the average final USHCN station temperature, and the average raw USHCN station … Continue reading

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Argentina Is Hot – Brazil Is Cold

I hope you didn’t think I was referring to the weather.

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Obama Getting The Job Done For Republicans In Kentucky

Political wisdom in Kentucky has long dictated that winning coal country is key to victory. But coal has assumed out-sized importance in this election as a devastating sequence of mine shut downs and job losses in eastern Kentucky have put … Continue reading

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Two Kinds Of People In This World

Decent people who think about how their actions affect other people. People who recline their seats in the coach compartment of aircraft.

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Obama/Boehner 2016

Obama should dump Biden for his third term, and pick up John Boehner as his  truly loyal right hand man. Boehner always has Obama’s back, and is always there to divert attention away from any real issues which could end the … Continue reading

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Australia About To Exorcise Their Green Demons

Australia is just about to kill the green demons which have plagued their country for decades. The closer these scum get to being exorcised, the louder they scream. But soon they will be dead, And Australia will embolden the rest of … Continue reading

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Important Lessons From Las Vegas

Skeptics are a great community of sincere, hard working, decent people.It as great meeting all the people whom who I have only known by E-Mail until now Skeptics are getting away from arguing science with alarmists who have no interest in … Continue reading

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