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Coldest Summer On Record At The North Pole

This summer is shaping up to be the shortest and coldest on record north of 80N, which is consistent with the lack of melting in the Arctic Basin over the last 2-3 weeks. The previous coldest summer was 2013. COI | Centre … Continue reading

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Spiderman In Times Square

The police took down Spiderman in Times Square yesterday. I didn’t see it happen, but was there probably a few minutes earlier. There were a lot of police with their attention focused on the superheroes and Disney characters gathered there. … Continue reading

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Strike Six For The Climate Crooks

Antarctic sea ice extent is at a record high Arctic sea ice extent is the highest in ten year Parts of Antarctica had their coldest June ever The US is having one of its coldest summers ever The North Pole is … Continue reading

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Forty Years Ago, Scientists Blamed The Polar Vortex On Global Cooling

Depending on which scam they are currently being funded by, scientists blame the polar vortex alternatively on global warming and global cooling. Scientists have found other indications of global cooling. For one thing there has been a noticeable expansion of … Continue reading

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No 100 Degree Readings In The Midwest This Summer

There have been no 100 degree temperatures reported in the midwest this summer. Climate Central defines the midwest as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. One hundred degree days used to be very common in the midwest, and … Continue reading

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Berkeley Mirth

Fake skeptic Richard Muller convinced the Koch Brothers to give him money, so that he could generate a fake temperature graph, pretend it had converted him from a skeptic to an alarmist, and then achieve fame through his fake global … Continue reading

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UN Pushing The Same Arctic Ice Scam For Almost 45 Years

In 1971, the UN said that humans were melting polar ice and it could raise sea level by 7 meters. Time Magazine reported a 12% increase in Arctic ice in that same year. Climatologist George J. Kukla of Columbia University’s … Continue reading

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UHI In Central Park

NASA’s James Hansen adjusts Manhattan Central Park temperatures upwards, to account for UHI cooling caused by the grass. (No this is not a joke) I spent a hot day in Central Park yesterday, and last night was 3 degrees warmer there than the place I was … Continue reading

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State Of The Global Warming Scam

The collapse of the Arctic sea ice scam has killed the final remaining piece of the original global warming scam, so the perpetrators are now reduced to making up fake global temperature numbers and claiming that isolated instances of bad … Continue reading

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