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Hottest Year Ever Brings Five Feet Of Snow To Victoria

 Live Cam View 3 – Official Home of Falls Creek Alpine Resort

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Coldest July Temperatures On Record In Arkansas

Trapped Mann-made heat has brought the coldest July temperatures ever recorded in Arkansas. Public Information – NOAA’s National Weather Service h/t to Andy DC

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California Couple Faces Fine For Conserving Water

A Southern California couple who scaled back watering their lawn amid the state’s drought received a warning from the suburb where they live that they might be fined for creating an eyesore – despite emergency statewide orders to conserve. Michael … Continue reading

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President Obama Keeps His Promise

President Obama promised to make energy prices skyrocket, and he has succeeded. Gasoline prices have more than doubled since he took office, despite the fact that unemployment has averaged more than 8% during his presidency. Despite skyrocketing prices, the White … Continue reading

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At Peak Of Summer, North Slope Of Alaska Is Still A Frozen Wasteland

Barrow Sea Ice Webcam

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Very Little Ice Melt Over The Past Week

At the peak of the melt season, there is almost nothing happening in the Arctic. Red shows ice loss since July 11, and green shows ice gain. The melt season will start to wind down in the next three weeks, … Continue reading

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US Having The Quietest Fire Season On Record

Burn acreage through July 18 is about one third of normal. National Interagency Fire Center

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US Is Wetter Than Normal In 2014

One of the biggest lies being spread by the team is that the US is having an historic drought. In fact, the US is wetter than normal Climate at a Glance: Time Series | National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) Compare vs. … Continue reading

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Memphis Has Their Coldest July Day Ever

It isn’t always cold in Tennessee in July. All but two of their July maximum temperature records were set prior to 1953 h/t to Andy DC

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Optical Illusions For Dummies

Many times people don’t see what it is right in front of their face July 19, 2014 at 4:59 am

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