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Different Ways Of Looking At The World

Salon thinks the US is falling apart. As for me, I am going to take a beautiful bike ride through the forest to the gym. Then I am going to ride the other direction to see the fireworks by the lake. … Continue reading

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Climate Experts Boldly Discussing Topics They Know Nothing About

Twitter / SteveSGoddard: @ClimateOpp Al Gore said the …

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Perfekte Ziel

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Begonia Update

The Begonia appears to have survived this particular tipping point, but unless I take immediate action and replant it – it will only get more top heavy as it absorbs evil Mann-made CO2 during the summer. Shutting down coal fired power plants … Continue reading

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President Obama Celebrates The 4th Of July

President Obama is celebrating July 4th, by giving greens permission to kill the national bird. This is part of his ongoing efforts to prevent future imaginary CO2 induced asthma attacks. Wednesday, July 2, 2014 By sacrificing a few bald eagles, … Continue reading

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Disturbing Imagery Of Maryland Storm Damage

My apartment suffered shocking storm damage overnight. Had we ratified the Kyoto treaty, there is a 97% chance this could have been prevented.

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Its Called The “World Cup”

Just as the tournament gets interesting, the US press corpse loses interest. I predict Colombia will place second in today’s match, and Brazil will finish next to last.

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The History Of Temperature Data Tampering

Originally, the purpose of NASA/NOAA data tampering was to exaggerate warming, in order to frighten the public into action for their own good. Later it became obvious that Hansen’s theories were busted, but funding was on the line – so … Continue reading

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1907 Weather Review Explained The Purpose Of This Blog


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NASA/NOAA Corruption Of The Northern Hemisphere Temperature Record

I’ve written often how NASA and NOAA have corrupted the US temperature record to rid it of that inconvenient 1930s warmth, but their efforts to wipe out the warm past extend far beyond President Obama’s 57 US states. They have done … Continue reading

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