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Howard And Bradley Yes! Dempsey And Jones No!

Outstanding defense and midfield play, but the strikers looked like rank amateurs. Exciting match and kudos to Klinsmann for a huge improvement from four years ago. They did need Donovan though.

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Averaging Un-Tampered Raw Temperature Data Is “Bogus”

Politihack did a followup : Judith Curry, a climatologist at the Georgia Institute of Technology, also originally downplayed Heller’s claims. But after seeing the data from Texas, Curry acknowledged that he might have had a point. “I infer from this … Continue reading

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Thermometer Data Drives Them Crazy

The number of hysterical bloggers upset by my use of the complete, raw, untampered HCN thermometer record – is quite remarkable. Some have called my use of untampered data – “data tampering.” Their obvious next topic – Why is a raven like a … Continue reading

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Someone Put It Out Of Its Misery

Argentina/Switzerland has completely sucked so far. And now an extra 30 minutes.

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Hank Johnson Speaks Out On Denial, And The Reality Of Climate Change

Excellent news. New research shows that Guam has not tipped over yet. [youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7XXVLKWd3Q] Representative Johnson is not only worried about Guam tipping over, but is also quite concerned that 0.0001 mole fraction of Mann-made CO2 will destroy the planet. Rep. … Continue reading

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GISS Diverging From Reality At A Phenomenal Rate

Gavin is doing an excellent job following in Hansen’s footsteps, keeping GISS global temperatures diverging from reality at a phenomenal rate. Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs NASA says that satellite temperatures are much more accurate, but since they don’t fit the computer models … Continue reading

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I disagree with the criticism of Bradley. He has the self-confidence and poise to control the ball in the mid-field, which combined with Tim Howard’s flawless performance has kept the US in the tournament. Will Altidore play?

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Illinois USHCN Infilled Temperatures Warming 14 Degrees Per Century Faster Than Measured Ones

NOAA’s program of making up temperatures for stations which don’t report in a given month, has produced a 14F/century divergence between the fake temperatures and the actual measured ones in Illinois. Climate experts and several prominent skeptics agree that the NOAA methodology … Continue reading

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Climate Experts Believe They Can Improve The Weather Through A Carbon Tax

TimesMachine: August 22, 1899 – NYTimes.com

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