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North Pole Temperatures Below Normal Every Day This Summer

Arctic amplification is really kicking in hard now. COI | Centre for Ocean and Ice | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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22 Years Since Aussies Begged Bush To Save The Planet

Had Bush listened in 1992, we would still have a planet. 19 Feb 1992 – Global warming: leaders beg Bush

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IPCC Expert : 0.05 Degrees Is The New Three Degrees

When the weatherman says “a few degrees cooler in outlying areas”, what he really means is 0.05 degrees cooler. Thank you IPCC The Canberra Times 26 June 1994 26 Jun 1994 – Clear proof of global warming

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Canberra Times : “CO2 Makes Up 50% Of The Greenhouse Layer”

27 Dec 1989 – Global warming: the evidence Science illiterate green journalists : the evidence

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Las Vegas – Flash Flood Warning With A 0% Chance Of Precipitation

Las Vegas, Nevada (89044) Conditions & Forecast | Weather Underground

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1947 Shock News : 10 Degrees Arctic Warming – Low Lying Areas To Drown

An international agency was needed to save the planet from global warming in 1947! 31 May 1947 – TEMPERATURES RISING IN ARCTIC REGION LOS ANGELES…

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My Latest Earth Shattering Research

I have been carefully studying  bovine flatulence, and have determined that cows emit exactly the same amount of carbon as they consume during their life, and thus have a net carbon footprint of zero. This new research will be met with … Continue reading

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Something That Continues To Astonish Me

Years later, some skeptics still believe that substances don’t freeze when temperatures are below their freezing point.

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Argentina Is Hot – Brazil Is Cold

No doubt due to Neymar’s injury. Is there some reason why Juan Zuniga isn’t being prosecuted for assault?

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Climate Has Officially Left Australia

For three weeks in 2003, the climate officially resided in Europe. Later it moved to Moscow for a few weeks, then Vancouver, US during winter 2012, Sochi, and most recently in Australia. However the climate appears to have fled Australia and moved on in … Continue reading

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