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I’d Love To, But As Usual You Are Lying

I just got this E-mail from the White House. Just the usual complete bullshit from Barack Obama.

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Orwell Explains Why This Blog Generates So Much Controversy

In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act. – George Orwell

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Understanding NOAA Math

Much of the Earth is having record cold (Eastern/Central US, North Pole, Antarctica) No place is having record heat. Nothing like the summer of 1936 in the US or 2003 in Europe. NOAA sums the widespread 2014 record cold with no record heat, and determines … Continue reading

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This Afternoon May Be Record Cold In Maryland

Laurel, MD is currently 68 degrees (1:30PM) and not warming. The previous coldest July 29 maximum was 71 degrees in 2001. In 1930, it was 100 degrees on this date.

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Planned Breakage At Google

About a year ago, Google broke the ability to search their newspaper archives by date. They claimed at the time that they were upgrading their newspaper archive interface, but it was always obvious that they had broken it on purpose … Continue reading

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Why Is It Cold Outside?

July 29, Gaithersburg MD.  I just walked to the grocery store to get some lunch, and it is cold outside. The overheated atmosphere acts in strange and mysterious ways.

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Trenberth Climate Scam Of The Day (So Far)

Trenberth is trying to blame a lightning storm in LA on carbon dioxide. “On the West Coast,” Trenberth said, “you don’t have the complex vertical structure and wind shear typically associated with lightning storms.” But a changing climate may alter … Continue reading

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US Nighttime Temperatures Coldest In 35 Years, Sixth Coldest On Record

Through July 27th, nighttime temperatures in the US this year have been the coldest since 1979, and the sixth coldest on record. This is quite remarkable considering that UHI is warming nighttime temperatures by several degrees.

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The Importance Of The Big Lie

Alarmists have no facts to deal with any more, and are now completely dependent on repeating a few nonsensical big lies. Few people other than Obama could pack so much bullshit into one sentence. Besides all the other idiocy in Holthaus’ … Continue reading

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How To Make A Map Completely Unintelligible

It would be difficult to imagine a more insidious color scale than used by the new Unisys SST anomaly maps.

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