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Gun Grabbing Cuomo Embarasses Himself Again

You can’t make up stupid and arrogant like Democratic politicians. Syracuse, N.Y. — Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters last week that the rare deadly tornado that struck Madison County on July 8 was part of a “new normal” of extreme … Continue reading

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Criticizing Democrats Is Now A Hate Crime

On WTOP this morning and they said that someone spray painted “No undocumented Democrats” on a building where Obama wanted to house future illegal Democratic voters, and it was being investigated by DOJ as a hate crime.

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The Muller/Mosher Hockey Stick

Richard Muller mis-represented himself to the Koch Brothers, took money from them to create a temperature record, and hired a non-scientist to be his chief scientist. (Update : Zeke says Mosher is not the chief scientist.) Since the global warming pause … Continue reading

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent Continues To Track 2006

Arctic sea ice is following a very similar track as 2006, which had the highest summer minimum of the past decade. Note that there has been almost no change in extent over the last three days. COI | Centre for Ocean … Continue reading

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Rand Paul Explains Obama’s Imminent Plan To Destroy The Bill of Rights

Dear Fellow Patriot, Anti-gun statists around the globe believe they have it made. The United Nations is done with its dirty work finalizing the details of their so-called “Small Arms Treaty.” With the full backing of the Obama administration for … Continue reading

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Climate Model Release

// Most climate models are written in Fortran, // but I have developed a more accurate one in C++ // Note that method fundingDriesUp() is virtual // and can be overridden by an educated Congress class ClimateScam { public: static … Continue reading

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Ice Growth In The Arctic Since Yesterday

Green shows areas of ice gain since yesterday. Red shows regions of ice loss. Cold temperatures and a cyclone in the western Arctic have essentially halted ice extent loss.

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