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It Is Everyone’s Duty To Keep A Watchful Eye On Inflation Levels Tonight

Please make sure that New England is not under inflated tonight.

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Looking Past The Shell Game

After each of their spectacular forecast fails, climate experts keep trying to change the rules. But the whole thing started with Hansen’s 1984 paper where he explained how feedbacks were going to destroy the planet. Hansen predicted that loss of … Continue reading

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Learning To Converse Like A Progressive

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1907 : It Is Your Patriotic Duty To Rebel Against Climate Data Tampering

Every patriotic citizen must rebel at the idea that a government for the people and  by the people shall not be permitted to publish an honest report of data gathered by its own official observers for the  use of all … Continue reading

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Recycling Old Volcano Theories

Hawaiians used to toss virgins into volcanoes in order to prevent eruptions. Hundreds of years later, climate scientists still believe that humans must make sacrifices to prevent volcanic eruptions..  How Climate Change Leads to Volcanoes (Really) | TIME  

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Consensus Science From The 1950’s

By the 1950’s, scientists were convinced that continents don’t move, and that there was life on Mars. TimesMachine: June 25, 1950 – NYTimes.com TimesMachine: May 8, 1958 – NYTimes.com Scientists are very smart, and you simply aren’t qualified to disagree with them.

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New York Times Believes That 1926 Was 50 Million Years Ago

The New York Times says the North Pole hasn’t had open water for 50 million years Ages-Old Icecap at North Pole Is Now Liquid, Scientists Find – NYTimes.com Apparently 1926 was a very long time ago, because in 1926 the … Continue reading

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Maintenance Problems At The Greenland Country Club

I’m sad to report that the groundskeeper at the Greenland Country Club is simply not getting his job done. The greens and clubhouse are buried in deep snow at -60F. Compare with greener times two years ago when he was … Continue reading

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Another TOBS Test

Testing TOBS by station removal is a little tricky because morning stations tend to be in warmer parts of the country, so diverging regional trends affect the result. But one state had a 50/50 mix of morning/afternoon stations in July … Continue reading

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It Is Not The TOBS, Stupid

The standard excuse for tampering with US data is that people used be incredibly stupid and reset their min/max thermometers only once during the heat of the day – causing double counting of hot afternoons. It is easy enough to test … Continue reading

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