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Important Message From The White House

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Stiff Competition For Stupidest Tweet

Alarmists are out in force showing off their stupidity today.

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1934 – An Extremely Extreme Year

The year 1934 was far more extreme than anything we have experienced recently. Maximum temperatures averaged the hottest in US history Like the current February, temperatures in the east were extremely cold Almost 70% of the US reached 100 degrees, compared to … Continue reading

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How Quickly The Past Changes At The New York Times

In 1988, global warming came into vogue, and the New York Times started helping to create the hockey stick by announcing that temperatures had risen steadily for a century Temperature For World Rises Sharply In the 1980’s – NYTimes.com This … Continue reading

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Gavin Easily Wins The Stupidest Tweet Of The Day Award

It doesn’t get much dumber than this. Temperatures in DC on June 22 and 23, 1998 were both all time records in DC at 101 and 98. Hansen and Wirth had no way of knowing that a few weeks later it … Continue reading

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The Father Of Global Warming Said America Would Run Out Of Oil By 1946

When the World Has No Coal, Iron and Oil; CHEMISTRY IN MODERN LIFE. By Svante August Arrhenius.

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