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Disturbing News From The Union Of Concerned Scientists

The union of Communist Concerned Scientists warns that winter in Boston is becoming very warm, and they are running out of snow. The-Changing-Northeast-Climate.pdf You should feel ashamed of yourself for making Boston so warm, and depriving them of snow.

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The Debate Is Over. Time To Work On Solutions

Experts are convinced that communism and bicycles are the keys to saving the planet. Without this, the planet is doomed to continue the hiatus in warming. I’m off to Whole Foods on my bicycle to get an organic salad.

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Muslims Marching To Ban Free Speech In London

Obama says Christians are to blame.

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Women’s Liberation Arrives In London

On of my favorite pictures I took as a kid, was of a girl in a miniskirt in front of Big Ben in 1969. I don’t have the picture with me here in Maryland unfortunately.

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There Are Only So Many Players You Can Put On The Pitch

In order to defend against Barcelona, you have to put three defenders on Messi on the right, two on Neymar on the left, and try to keep up with Suarez on both sides. That leaves lots of space for Pedro, … Continue reading

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Shock News : Global Warming Is A Scam

The fiddling with temperature data is the biggest science scandal ever – Telegraph

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Learning To Be A Climate Journalist

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Profiles In Courage

A truly courageous family

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Learning To Be Progressive Journalist

I started a twitter storm the other day with this : It was based on this story : Mediaite picked up on it and slimed their readers by trying to change the story from “Courage” to “role model” Conservative Twitter … Continue reading

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Brian Williams To Be The New White House Climate Information Officer

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