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Climate Experts Proven Correct

Scientists predicted this would happen. And it did. 45 years later Residents, students are climbing the ‘Alps of MIT’ – Metro – The Boston Globe

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UHI In South Korea Ignored By GISS

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Putting Curry And Mosher To The Test

Curry and Mosher claim that UHI has no impact on rural vs. urban temperature trends. I put that to the test in New South Wales, with two of the longest temperature records in Australia. Sydney Observatory is right next to … Continue reading

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Valentines Day 1945 In Boston

According to official US gubermint records, Blue Hill Massachusetts received nearly three meters of snow on this day 70 years ago. http://cdiac.ornl.gov/sasserv/BlueHillMA190736_9225.csv

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UHI Deniers

New York burns approximately 3,000,000,000,000,000 BTU’s of fuel every year, which averages out to about 100 billion watts over the course of the year. Climate experts tell us that this increase of 100 billion watts of heat energy since the 19th century, … Continue reading

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North America Has Never Seen Weather Patterns Like This Before

The human footprint is unmistakable. North America has never seen deep intrusions of cold air like this before. I blame Fred Flintstone’s SUV.

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Don’t Conflate Climate And Weather

This map highlights the difference between climate and weather. The western states are experiencing global warming, while the eastern states are having cold weather. I’m so glad I’m in Maryland this weekend instead of Colorado. I feel safe from all of that … Continue reading

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