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Political Prisoner At Twitmo

Perhaps the IRS will come audit my standard deduction next, to see if I should have gotten a larger refund had I itemized?

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Shock News : Eco-Fascists Try To Silence Skeptic

Twitter Suspends Account Of Noted Global Warming Skeptic | The Daily Caller

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White House Leading The Rise Of The Green Shirt Fascists

“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” – Voltaire About a month ago, President Obama began a campaign to target anyone who disagreed with his attack on America’s energy supply, using imagery from the darkest … Continue reading

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More Ice In The Eastern Arctic Than 1922 Spitzbergen is almost completely surrounded by ice.

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As Expected, The Nazis At Twitter Have Shut Down My Account

Twitter has shut down my account without explanation. Please tweet this to everyone you know. My last tweet was Scientific debate is not permitted in this democracy. I was listening to the FCC chairman explain Net Neutrality over the weekend. He … Continue reading

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