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What Is The Difference Between A Top Climate Scamster And A Sexual Deviant?

Not much. It is all about abuse of power.

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Show Me The Money

I had lunch today with Dr. Bill Gray from CSU, who is the best known hurricane forecaster on the planet, and who had his long time NOAA funding cut off in 1993 by VP Al Gore for being a skeptic. Billions … Continue reading

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Coldest January/February On Record In The Northeastern US

With a week on 10-20 degree F below normal weather in the forecast, the Northeastern US is already having its second coldest start to the year on record. By the end of next week, 2015 should easily be the coldest. … Continue reading

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Great Lakes Ice Above Last Year’s Record Coverage

The Great Lakes obliterated all records for springtime ice last year, and this year is poised to blow away last year’s records. All of the lakes have more ice than they did on this day last year. coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/statistic/ice/dat/g2013_2014_ice.dat coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/statistic/ice/dat/g2014_2015_ice.dat Record … Continue reading

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Spring Green At The Greenland Country Club

Temperatures at the Greenland Country Club have warmed up to -65F from last week’s -78F, and the greens are coming around nicely with some lovely new green grass.

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Fossil Fuels Keeping More Than 200 Million Americans From Freezing Today

The US is experiencing an historic deep-freeze with much of the country more than 20 degrees below normal. Most of the people in America would be freezing right now without fossil fuels. The government responds by lying about the temperature, … Continue reading

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New York Times Engaged In Spectacularly Unethical Activity

The New York Times did another hit piece on Willie Soon, for shooting down Michael Mann’s Fraudulent hockey stick. Nothing new about that level of McCarthyism at the New York Times. They have long behaved exactly like everyone they claim to … Continue reading

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Top Science From Democratic Icons

Seven years ago, climate expert Robert Kennedy Jr blamed the demise of snow in Virginia on Sarah Palin. Palin’s Big Oil infatuation Los Angeles Times September 24, 2008 By ROBERT F. KENNEDY Jr. In Virginia, the weather also has changed … Continue reading

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