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Useful Idiots

If NCDC announced in four weeks that February was the hottest ever in the US, 95% of Democrats would believe it, and ridicule anyone who didn’t.

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Mark Twain Explains The Difficulty In Ending This Scam

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There Is Nothing New Under The Clouds

Seven years ago Robert Kennedy Junior blamed the demise of winter on Sarah Palin Palin’s Big Oil infatuation Los Angeles Times September 24, 2008 By ROBERT F. KENNEDY Jr. In Virginia, the weather also has changed dramatically. Recently arrived residents … Continue reading

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NASA Has Doubled 1880-1980 Warming Through Successive Data Alterations

NASA has repeatedly altered global temperature data, causing a net doubling of 1880-1980 global warming since their 1981 version. Pre-1965 years keep getting colder, and post-1965 years keep getting warmer.  (Note that prior to 2003, NASA did not even pretend to … Continue reading

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How Could This Not Affect Temperature?

A small town with 100 homes will burn 10,000,000,000 BTU’s during a cold winter. All of this heat returns to the atmosphere. The colder the air, the more rapid the heat loss and more effect on the temperature. Crossing the … Continue reading

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Greenland Scientists Contributing To Global Warming

Greenland scientists are burning fossil fuels, which has raised temperatures from -58.7 degrees up to -58.0 degrees.

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More From Deniliquin

Deniliquin has not only cooled since the 19th century, but the frequency of very hot days has also dropped dramatically. BOM ignores all pre-1910 temperatures, because they don’t fit the global warming narrative.

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Tiny Crowd Of Morons

These geniuses left their fossil fuel heated and powered cars for a few minutes to take a picture protesting global warming. Then they scurried back to their cars, turned the heat on and drove back to their coal powered homes … Continue reading

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Berkeley Earth Is Not Correcting For UHI Properly

Berkeley Earth claims that UHI has no effect on the temperature trends. This is in direct opposition to other studies, satellite data, radiosonde data, and common sense. Dr. Roy Spencer has demonstrated that UHI has a huge effect.  http://www.drroyspencer.com/2010/03/global-urban-heat-island-effect-study-an-update/ Both … Continue reading

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Polar Meltdown Update

The Antarctic summer is -51F and the Greenland winter is headed down to -60F. The meltdown dooms us.

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