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Bill Nye Has Competition!

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Restoring The Climate

On this date in 1851, Melbourne was 117 degrees at 8am, and one fourth of Victoria burned. 17 Jan 1857 – BLACK THURSDAY. Climate experts hope to restore the climate to more like it was in 1851, through savaging the … Continue reading

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Bill Nye Vying For Stupidest Alarmist Of The Day

Those aren’t the ski slopes Bill. The ski area has received more than 20 feet of snow already this winter and the snow is almost nine feet deep. Weather and Snow Report 26 inches of snow in the last three days. … Continue reading

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1954 : Scientists Told Congress Arctic Ice May Disappear By 1979

In 1954, experts told Congress the Arctic may be ice free by 1979, but no later than 2004. 17 Jul 1954 – Arctic ice thaws Washington, Fri. Arctic ice peaked in 1979. As always, the climate scientists had it exactly backwards.

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New York Times Today : Bruce Jenner “Courageous” – Chris Kyle “Insane”

Top stories in today’s New York Times. Bruce Jenner is courageous for cutting his dick off, but Chris Kyle is insane for recovering from PTSD after serving his country in the most stressful conditions over several voluntary tours of duty.

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New York Times : Conflating Climate With Clueless

In 2006, the geniuses at the New York Times announced that global warming had brought endless summer to Long Island, warm winters to Maryland, an increase in hurricanes, and was killing Polar Bears. With Warmer Weather, Different Decisions to Make – … Continue reading

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Hockey Stick Update

On January 20, President Obama took credit for a drop in gas prices which he didn’t want to see and did everything he could to prevent.  Since then, gas prices have shot upwards in a hockey stick. GasBuddy.com – Find … Continue reading

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What If This Happened Now?

During February, 1902 – Rio Grande, Texas reached 104 degrees. If this happened now, climate experts would demand immediate world communism. February 90 degree days in Texas peaked around 1920. If Katherine Hayhoe was presenting the graph below, she would likely truncate all dates … Continue reading

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