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Mosher Says Temperatures Are Not Being Adjusted Upwards

NOAA says temperatures are being adjusted upwards. This graph understates the amount of current tampering by more than 100%, but clearly shows the direction of the tampering.  GHCN Global Gridded Data

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Complete Disclosure Of My Corporate Funding

———————- Begin list —————————- ———————- End list —————————— The only compensation I receive for my climate work is  donations from generous individual readers, which work out to about $1-$2 per hour for the time I have put in over the past … Continue reading

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Green Just Isn’t The Same Color It Used To Be In Germany

 German coal imports from Russia highest since 2006 — RT Business h/t to AndyOz

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Global Warming Divestment Postponed Until Warmer Weather

It is too cold to divest right now. Climate activists are stuck in their fossil fuel heated homes this weekend. FFY postpones Global Divestment Day action | Yale Daily News

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Learning To (Not) Think Like The UN

The UN says “yes you are correct, and we are going to ignore it”

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Will Lake Ontario Freeze Over?

Lake Ontario doesn’t freeze over very often. But it may happen this weekend.

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Heidi Demonstrates How To Slime The Public Through Maps

Heidi climate fraud central claims that US winters are getting warmer, particularly in the upper midwest.   Warming Winters: U.S. Temperature Trends | Climate Central  She accomplished this trick by starting at the coldest decade of the century, ending in … Continue reading

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Spectacular Data Tampering At Deniliquin, NSW

Deniliquin is a small town located 270 km north of Melbourne and 370 km west of Canberra. It is one of the oldest stations in Australia and operated through 2003. The station showed a general cooling trend since the 1890s … Continue reading

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Mosher/Curry Say There Is No Urban Heat Island Effect

Influence of Urban Heating  on the Global Temperature  Land Average using Rural  Sites Identified from MODIS  Classifications Wickham C1  , Rohde R2  , Muller RA3,4  *, Wurtele J3,4  , Curry J5  , Groom  D3  , Jacobsen R3,4  , Perlmutter S3,4 … Continue reading

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