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Twitter Censoring Me Again

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Lubos Says I Am Irrational

Dear Steve, the satellite record measures a different quantity than the weather-station-based global mean temperature, so there is no good reason to think that their graphs and trends should agree. In other words, the disagreement between these two different types … Continue reading

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Lubos Missing The Forest For The Trees

Check out this nonsense from Lubos Many skeptics’ adjustment-phobia unmasks their anti-scientific credentials Whether or not you apply one of the specified major adjustments or two or none of them doesn’t visibly affect the resulting graph at all. I am … Continue reading

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The Global Temperature Record Is Meaningless Garbage

Judy Curry simply does not understand the problem with the global temperature record, and how it has been altered. The way the temperature record has been altered over time is through station selection and loss of rural stations. It used … Continue reading

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Another Frightening Anniversary

It has been exactly one year since the New York Times announced the official end of snow. The End of Snow? – NYTimes.com One year later

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IPCC Forecast Verification

The world’s most brilliant climate scientists say heavy snow is a thing of the past. Hopefully their funding is a thing of the past.

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