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How Much Stupid Can Fox News Pack Into One Paragraph?

US offer for climate treaty: Up to 28 percent emissions cut | Fox News It would be difficult to pack this much stupid into one paragraph, but Fox News has succeeded. Obama is not the US. The president can not … Continue reading

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More On The Esperanza Scam

The Washington Post is claiming that a one hour long downslope warming event at one location in Antarctica is evidence of global warming. At 6 am on March 24, Esperanza Station had strong westerly downslope winds which raised the temperature … Continue reading

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Spectacular Antarctic Lies To Start The Morning

Need another indicator of climate warming in Antarctica? The trio of weather bloggers at Weather Underground report the temperature there likely hit a record-breaking 63.5F (17.5C) Tuesday. The balmy reading was logged at Argentina’s Esperanza Base, which lies on the … Continue reading

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Tornadoes and Tornado Deaths Plummeting In The US

US tornado deaths peaked 90 years ago in 1925, the year the Tri-State tornado destroyed many towns in Illinois, Kentucky and Missouri. Since then, tornado deaths have plummeted to record lows.   US Annual Tornado Death Tolls, 1875-present – NOAA … Continue reading

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