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Spectacular Fraud From Katherine Hayhoe And Data Tampering By NCDC

In 2011, Katherine Hayhoe told the Guardian this : winter temperatures are increasing in nearly every station we look at across Texas How to talk to a climate sceptic | Environment | The Guardian This was blatant fraud on her part. … Continue reading

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Big Green Money And Corruption Vs. The Environment

The US Park Service says that there are twenty thousand Golden Eagles in the western US The most recent survey of Golden Eagles  across four large Bird Conservation  Regions (BCRs) in the West (80 percent  of the species’ range in … Continue reading

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Ocean Acidification In The Mesozoic

Experts say that 400 PPM CO is making the oceans acidic, and dissolving the carbonate shells of shellfish. This is utter bullshit. The Mesozoic shellfish below lived at 1,800 PPM CO2 – more than four times higher than current levels. Oceans … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like A Climate Expert

Climate experts say that massive droughts from the past were natural, but the much smaller drought now has the unmistakable footprint of humans. This is because they are scoundrels who are paid to lie, while pretending to be actual scientists.

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Racist Taunts In The Classroom

Ellicott City Assembly Of God After church I was talking to my friend from Trinidad and Tobago this morning, who quit her job in the Baltimore Schools because she was constantly being subjected to racist taunts and other abuse from … Continue reading

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Orwell Explained The White House Led Attack On Skeptics

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Endless Environmental Destruction By “Green Californians”

Californians are by far the biggest threat to the environment in the US. They moved to a place which is normally in extreme drought, sucked the water dry and stole it from all the other states.  California’s current drought is … Continue reading

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Gaia Humiliates The Latest Alarmist Cherry Pick

Winds compressed Arctic sea ice for a few days, which caused the usual morons to declare apocalypse. The ice is expanding rapidly now, is above 2006 levels, and is about to pass 2005 levels.   Ice has returned to the … Continue reading

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Merchants Of Doubt Started With A Big Lie From An Incompetent Scientist

The movie started out with James Hansen claiming that Venus was 600 degrees because of 97% CO2 which was trapping heat. Apparently Hansen can’t do his own basic math. Hansen says that each doubling of CO2 causes a 3C temperature increase. Venus has … Continue reading

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Oreskes – The New McCarthy

The filthy movie I went to see the other night was smearing climate skeptics, by trying to link them to the mentality of people who said second hand smoke doesn’t cause cancer back in the 1960’s (during the global cooling scare.) Everyone was exposed … Continue reading

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