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Whack Job Of The Day

Check out this world class nut case who said she wanted to interview me. Me : Hope, I hope you can keep an open mind, be civil and learn from me. That is the key to being a successful adult. … Continue reading

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No Change Equals Change

In the mind of climate alarmists, the same weather as 1934 proves the climate is changing. More Cold and Snow Thanks to Global Warming » CounterPunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Name February 1934 was almost a carbon copy of … Continue reading

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March Of The DC Penguins

If you look very closely, you can see Penguins (or perhaps some other species of bird) marching across the ice.

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Maryland Extreme Ice Survey

I took my team of intrepid researchers out to explore Chesapeake Bay ice this afternoon, and my very worst fears were realized. It is all first year ice, and unlikely to survive through the summer. The dire consequence of this … Continue reading

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White House Wants “Infinitely Smart” Skeptic Silenced

Joe Biden says that failure to comply with the Obama CO2 religion is like “denying gravity” and wants skeptics silenced – like Freeman Dyson, the infinitely smart man. The Civil Heretic FOR MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY the eminent physicist Freeman Dyson … Continue reading

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Good People

I know the skeptics under attack – Marc Morano, Joe Bast, Roy Spencer, Willie Soon, etc. These are really good people trying to do the right thing. They are under attack by the very scum of the earth, exactly because … Continue reading

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Koch Brothers Funding Climate Alarmists

I’ve tried to get money from the Koch Brothers, with no luck. But who do they they give their money to? Alarmists Muller, Zeke and Mosher By Richard Muller on December 17, 2003 Let me be clear. My own reading … Continue reading

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Boycott Google

Two years ago Google broke their news archive searches, because it was digging up too many inconvenient facts. Google has now decided to let anti-science criminal hacks like like Poltifact decide what is truth in science. They are not doing the right thing. … Continue reading

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The Next Target Of The Religion Of Peace

Barack Hussein Obama blames The Crusades.

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Why Would Climate Alarmists Want To Destroy The Environment?

Forty-five years ago, we had dirty air and water in the US. LA looked like Beijing The Cuyahoga River used to catch on fire. I worked hard to get the Clean Air Act passed, and to establish and protect wilderness … Continue reading

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