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Thanks Everyone!

Twitter has reinstated my account. They got many thousands of angry tweets and apparently relented. Twitter never told me what my violation was. Proof that we honest Americans are powerful and united against the evil empire. We can win if we … Continue reading

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They Can’t Debate Me, So They Try To Silence Me

I would crush any alarmist in a scientific debate, so they hide like babies, call me names and try to silence me. If they thought they were right, they would debate me and prove to the world that I was … Continue reading

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Climate Fraudsters Celebrate

I have exposed countless absurd claims from Eric Holthaus, the no-fly vasectomy for CO2 guy. He is thrilled by censorship. Makes it much easier for him to spread mindless propaganda.

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Brandon Of a Thousand Tweets

Brandon S has been tweeting non-stop for hours saying what a big bad bully I am, knowing that I can’t respond to him. Brandon got very angry with me a couple of years ago for pointing out the progressive alterations to … Continue reading

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March 23, 1932 Hundreds Dead In Tornadoes

On March 23, 1932 hundreds of Americans died in tornadoes. 25 Mar 1932 – TORNADO VICTIMS. VANCOUVER, March 23. This March has had no tornadoes, the quietest March on record. Experts say that increased CO2 causes more extreme weather.

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Climate Nazis

Nazis were certain that they were right, and certain that anyone who opposed them must be silenced. They talked about “final solutions” Progressives are certain that they are right, and certain that anyone who opposes them must be silenced. They … Continue reading

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Note From One Of The Few Honest Climate Experts In Academia

Dr. Bill Gray at CSU is the senior and best respected hurricane forecaster in the world. His funding was cut off by VP Al Gore in 1993 for not supporting Gore’s climate scam, and Bill has financed his own research ever … Continue reading

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Twitter Destroying Their Reputation

Twitter’s business model is based on open communication and exchange. By banning me they are destroying trust and the basis of their business. They have allowed endless vile attacks on me from Internet stalkers, criminals engaged in identity theft, etc. – … Continue reading

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Hope Says That My Posting Her Threatening E-mails Is “Lies And Harassment”

Fascinating peek into the disordered mind of progressives. Some crazy person started sending me dozens of E-mails. I posted her nasty E-mails to me, and she tweets (knowing I can’t respond) that I was lying about her and harassing her. Progressives … Continue reading

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My New Role As Matchmaker!

I have brought two kindred spirits together in true love Brandon and Hope, a match made in heaven! I have had Brandon blocked for well over a year, and he thinks I am harassing him by ignoring him.

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