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If Obama Was Working Against The US, What Would He Do Differently?

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Time For Adjustments

Ted Cruz used RSS satellite data to expose the climate scam. We all know what the next steps will be. The data will almost certainly be adjusted. h/t Chris Barron

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Baffling Them With Bullshit

This article is a great example of how climate experts use sciency sounding talk to confuse their readers with mindless BS moyhu: The Greenhouse Effect and the Adiabatic Lapse Rate Then he goes on and on with a bunch of … Continue reading

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Breaking : Top Climate Story Of The Year

Japan is spending climate scam money to build coal fired power plants. The AP reported in December that Japan had counted $1 billion in loans for coal plants in Indonesia as climate finance, angering critics who say such financing should be … Continue reading

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Experts Lied, And The Arctic Rised

Call the grammar police! The title of this post is to grammar, what the hockey stick is to science. Arctic sea ice continues to increase past 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2011, and will soon start passing other years. No correction … Continue reading

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Introducing Disruptive Thoughts Into The Borg

The goal of the borg is to force compliance of thought on all matters. If everyone was neutered and thinking the same way, they would be much easier to control. Locutus defeated the borg by introducing disruptive thoughts. Once some … Continue reading

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Saving The Planet!

After taking a long haul flight I absolved my carbon sins, rented a Prius in Denver – and pulled the climate back from the tipping point. I then further saved the planet by driving the Prius to Fort Collins, where … Continue reading

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Charles – The Gift Who Keeps On Giving!

My buddy Charles lunges in again!   This guy is awesome! I started the graph in the coldest year – the 1996 La Nina, and ended in what NASA claims is the hottest year – the current El Nino. If the … Continue reading

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