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Certain Obama Voters

V apparently lives in the great state of Illiteracy, and Sherry lives in a state which is completely covered with snow.

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No, I Can’t Promise You An Obamaphone

I can’t promise you an Obamaphone or tens of thousands of dollars of other people’s money, but would appreciate your vote anyway. Fifteenth Annual Weblog Awards: The 2015 Bloggies

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Being A Progressive Means Never Having To Tell The Truth

Three years ago, experts said that global warming means warm winters and less snow in the Northeast. Now they claim they predicted cold winters and more snow. Most people think about global warming during the dog days of summer. But … Continue reading

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My Bicycle Never Runs Out Power

If you turn on the heat in your electric car, you probably won’t make it home. Might as well take a bicycle like I do. Cold weather kills electric car range | MNN – Mother Nature Network

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Progressives Believe The Koch Brothers Are More Powerful Than The Gods

 Do a dance to the snow god, bring back winter | The Seattle Times

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