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Shock News : Obama Lied About Israel

Two years after announcing “Unwavering support for Israel” – Obama announces that he was lying all along March 20, 2013 · OBAMA VOWS UNWAVERING SUPPORT FOR ISRAEL JERUSALEM (AP) — Vowing eternal support for America’s top Mideast ally, U.S. President … Continue reading

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Teaching Children To Be Irresponsible Useful Idiots For The Regime

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More Spectacular Lies From The Guardian

Florida is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, as 80% of the state’s residents live or work near the coasts and hurricane damage has caused billions of dollars in damage since 2005. Florida employee ‘punished for using phrase … Continue reading

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Pattern Matching Quiz

Obama gets obliterated in the US elections, and declares war against the US voters. Obama gets obliterated in the Israeli elections, and declares war against the Israeli voters. Obama runs as a “Democrat” because he hates democracy.

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UN Two State Solutions From 1948

President Obama wants the UN to impose a two state solution on Israel. The UN tried that in 1948, and the Arabs responded by trying to “drive the Jews into the sea.” But it wasn’t their only brilliant two state solution … Continue reading

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1908 : Earliest Hurricane On Record During The Coldest Years Ever

The earliest Atlantic hurricane on record occurred in March, 1908. According to Gavin, that was one of the coldest years on record. Climate experts and politicians tell us that they can reduce hurricane damage by stealing your money.

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NCDC Daily Climate Fraud

The daily dose of NCDC lies continues. Winter was world record warmest – CBS News NCDC accomplished this by making up fake data for more than 50% of the land surface. They had almost no data from Antarctica, Greenland or … Continue reading

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Canadian Children Just Won’t Know What Their House Looks Like

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Washington DC Summers Are Getting Shorter And Cooler

Contrary to the endless lies being spouted by the White House and the rest of the alarmist climate community, summers at the nation’s capital are becoming shorter and cooler. Hot days are coming less often, they start later in the year … Continue reading

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Back To The Future In DC

Tomorrow’s snowstorm in DC will mark the first time in 75 years when Lincoln, VA had spring snow during three consecutive years.

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