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Cats And Sparrows

Green energy advocates tell us that cats kill lots of sparrows, so it is OK for wind farms to decimate the Bald Eagle population.

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Another Failed Obama Coup

A few years ago, President Obama tried to overthrow the government of Egypt and replace it with the Muslim Brotherhood. That worked for a few months before the people revolted. ????? – ?????? “?????” ??? “??? ???” Popular and widely … Continue reading

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Why I Support The EPA Carbon Rules

When I woke up this morning, the extra 0.00000003 mole fraction CO2 in the air since yesterday made me highly disturbed. After the EPA rules are implemented, every year will have the perfect number of hurricanes and tornadoes. Not too few, and not … Continue reading

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Understanding Climate

This is what Brooklyn looked like this week in 1888. That storm came before snow was a thing of the past due to global warming, and also before the  overheated atmosphere caused heavy snow and cold in New York. See – … Continue reading

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Superstition In Congress

Representative David McKinley, West Virginia. Is the climate changing? Absolutely. No it isn’t. Representative John Yarmuth, Kentucky CO2 causes asthma No it doesn’t. Human breath contains 40,000 PPM CO2. The change in atmospheric CO2 levels over the past century is only … Continue reading

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Most Transparent White House In History Brings An End To Transparency

WASHINGTON — The White House is removing a federal regulation that subjects its Office of Administration to the Freedom of Information Act, making official a policy under Presidents Bush and Obama to reject requests for records to that office. The … Continue reading

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Climate Alarmists Are Fine With Killing Off The Raptor And Bat Population, To Stop The Scary Voices In Their Heads

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Sorriest El Nino, Ever

Global warming is so bad, that they can’t even get a spike out of an El Nino any more.

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Adopting The Model Of Holland

Holland has been stopping sea level rise for hundreds of years, via the use of windmills However, the modern wind farm concept was actually designed by HG Wells.

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Darwin Said That Climate Change And Cold Winters Were Key Drivers Of Evolution

Charles Darwin – The Origin of Species Climate experts now say that cold winters are Mann-made and threaten evolution. Because they are political hacks, not scientists.

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