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Reader Quiz

Climate experts are 99% certain that one of the blips in this graph is your fault. Can you spot which one?

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Charles Takes The Bait!

This guy is awesome!

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Lies, Damned Lies, And Obama Administration Statistics

Are there any government statistics which this White House doesn’t tamper with?  FBI figures tweaked to show phony increase in mass shootings, report says | Fox News

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Intimidation Works!

Check out this spectacular whopper from Carl Mears at RSS. My particular dataset (RSS tropospheric temperatures from MSU/AMSU satellites) show less warming than would be expected when compared to the surface temperatures. All datasets contain errors. In this case, I … Continue reading

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No Correction From NSIDC’s Propaganda Coup

NSIDC rushed a bogus press release out claiming a record low Arctic maximum – which the press amplified with their usual lies. Arctic Sea Ice News and Analysis | Sea ice data updated daily with one-day lag The press in … Continue reading

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Global Warming Makes Air Opaque

former (Colorado Springs) Mayor Mary Lou Makepeace was equally candid, saying she believes in human-caused global warming and prioritizes it as a concern. If we don’t do something to stop it, Makepeace said, “our children won’t be able to see … Continue reading

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Running Through The Alinsky Gambit

Charles Johnson and his pack of trolls spent the day running through the Alinsky playbook on Twitter. Paid industry denier Liar Creationist Won’t read anything not peer-reviewed Not a scientist Electrician Shut up You are destroying the planet Koch shill Heartland shill … Continue reading

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