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Cowardly Naomi

Naomi Oreskes would get obliterated by Marc Morano in a debate about climate, so she takes the cowardly route instead. The amount of money, time and energy that climate alarmists put into avoiding debate is mind boggling. President Obama explained … Continue reading

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Reality Is An “Industry Talking Point”

During cold nights homeless shelters fill up with people who can’t afford fuels to keep warm. They flock to locations powered by fossil fuels, in order to stay alive. Progressives want to put everyone in that same boat, dependent on government … Continue reading

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The World Is Not Warming – Stop Lying About It

There has been no warming from the 1996 La Nina (cold) to the 2015 El Nino (warm.) That is almost 19 years of no warming, during rapid CO2 growth. The scam is dead – stop lying about it.

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It Is A Barbecue Spring In Nova Scotia

Spring has arrived in Canada, and people’s thoughts have naturally turned to gardening and barbecues.

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Naomi Oreskes Predicts 10 Feet Of Sea Level Rise In 85 Years

Oreskes pushes forth a sense of great urgency. “Scientists are worried. We’ve lost 20 years. If this keeps up as we’re going, we’re looking at a 6- to 10-foot rise in the sea level by 2100.” Harvard Professor, Documentary Take On Climate … Continue reading

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Learning To Think Like A Genocidal Progressive

The geniuses at the Guardian have started this campaign : Energy companies provide the energy that keeps 7 billion people alive. If they “kept it in the ground” billions of people people would be dead in a matter of weeks … Continue reading

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Evaluating Obama

If you assume that Obama wants America to be a free and prosperous Constitutional Republic, almost nothing he does makes any sense. If you assume that Obama wants America to be a socialist country under UN rule, everything he does makes … Continue reading

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Concern About Incompetent Concerned Scientists

The Union of Concerned Scientists says that winters in the Northeast are becoming warmer and less snowy. The-Changing-Northeast-Climate.pdf There has been no long term change in Northeast US winter temperatures, and parts of the Northeast just had their snowiest winter … Continue reading

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No Geologists Left At AGU

Apparently the American Geophysical Union doesn’t actually have any geologists left. Almost all of the “sea level rise” at Manhattan is due to subsidence from post glacial rebound, as well as groundwater extraction and bringing millions of tons of building … Continue reading

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Celebrating 15 Years Of No Snow

Earth just passed it’s 15th anniversary of no snow, which was announced by climate experts on March 20, 2000. Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – Environment – The Independent

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