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They Can’t Find The Missing Water, And It Is A Travesty That They Can’t

Experts say that Antarctic melt has doubled over the past five years. Antarctic Ice Melt Rate Has Doubled Since 2010, Study Finds The water must be hiding at the bottom of the sea, because sea level rise rates were faster prior … Continue reading

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The Joy Of Tethering

My brand new drive train broke when riding my bicycle over to Whole Foods this morning. So I am in the bike shop now with my new detachable touchpad. It takes about one minute to boot and get connected.

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Under Obama’s Watch

The President says he has the JV team on the run.

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Counting Quiz

How many Whitetails in the picture? Click on it for a full sized image. There was also a Cardinal, but it isn’t visible.

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President Claims He Never Sent An E-mail To The Secretary of State

The White House thoroughly investigated State Department communications over Benghazi, only they didn’t actually know where the Secretary of State’s E-mails were, and Obama now claims he never sent an E-mail in four years to the Secretary of State Obama weighs … Continue reading

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Smithsonian Describes Wind Farms As “Bird Death Traps”

How Many Birds Do Wind Turbines Really Kill? | Smart News | Smithsonian

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The Path To Green Energy

President Obama is convinced that green energy is the future. He has already spent billions of dollars of your money on  failed green energy companies Evergreen Solar ($25 million)* SpectraWatt ($500,000)* Solyndra ($535 million)* Beacon Power ($43 million)* Nevada Geothermal ($98.5 million) SunPower … Continue reading

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