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White House Updates Their E-mail Lies

Yesterday Obama said he didn’t know that Hillary wasn’t using a state.gov E-mail address. President Barack Obama says it was through news reports that he first learned that Hillary Rodham Clinton used a private, nongovernment email account while serving as his … Continue reading

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White House Said They Would Release Hillary’s E-mails Four Years Ago

Demanding Hillary Clinton’s E-Mail — Now – NYTimes.com Now the White House says they didn’t even know she had an E-mail address, until they saw it on the news last week.

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Fort Collins To Confiscate $4,000 From Each Resident, To Reduce Global Temperature By 0.00000001 Degrees

Fort Collins will spend $600 million to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – The Denver Post By 2030, China will be generating 400% as much CO2 as the entire US. Any changes Fort Collins makes will have zero impact … Continue reading

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The White House Reads Your E-Mail, But Doesn’t Know The Secretary Of State’s E-Mail Address

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The Horrors Of Life In Florida

Ravaged by climate change, Florida reportedly bans term ‘climate change’ – The Washington Post The geniuses at the Washington Post think Florida is ravaged by climate change. Florida now has more people than frozen New York. The frequency of hurricanes has … Continue reading

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The Evil Of Ancient Farmers

Climate experts say that Oklahoma farmers caused the 1934 drought, which covered 80% of the US. Apparently they have been doing this for thousands of years. A 1998 study by federal scientists, for instance, found that droughts as widespread and … Continue reading

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Obama Accomplishment Update

Over the past month, President Obama has ended the crusades and solved that nasty school segregation problem in Alabama. He has also launched a new crusade against those who deny the official state sponsored religion of carbon dioxide worship.

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Perfect Conditions At The Iditarod

Contrary to the stream of endless lies from the press about Alaska, the have lots of snow and it is very cold. The problem the racers face is too much snow. Iditarod Trail – Iditarod Temperatures are far below normal … Continue reading

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A Return To 2006 Arctic Ice Conditions

The summer of 2006 had the highest minimum Arctic sea ice extent of the last decade. Over the last two years, Arctic sea ice has closely tracked 2006. This is due to the large increase in old/thick ice which has … Continue reading

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Children Just Aren’t Going To Know What The Ground Floor Looks Like

Capracotta, Italy just received two metres of snow in one day. Capracotta sommersa da oltre 2 metri di neve il 06 marzo 2015 – CMI Fifteen years ago this month, climate experts announced the end of snow. Global warming, the … Continue reading

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