Experts Doomed By Their Own Stupidity

Four years after experts announced the end of Hudson Bay Polar Bears due to declining summer sea ice, summer ice extent there is second highest on record.

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Stirling believes this will lead to the disappearance of polar bears from northeastern Manitoba, northern Ontario and parts Nunavut and Quebec within decades, barring the unlikely event the planet quickly begins to cool.

“Things definitely don’t look good for the Western Hudson Bay and Southern Hudson Bay populations,” Stirling said in an interview on Wednesday, referring to the world’s southernmost polar-bear subpopulations.

Polar bears doomed in Ontario and Manitoba, expert says | National Post


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7 Responses to Experts Doomed By Their Own Stupidity

  1. Steve Case says:

    Speaking of Hudson Bay, there is a tide gauge in Churchill, Manitoba
    and it’s the only tide gauge for a at least thousand miles. The interesting factoid about it is that Church and White in their seminal papers on sea level decided not to include it.
    Let’s see if a graph from the PSMSL will show up
    Now why would C&W exclude that data?

    Sorry for the digression from the topic at hand (-:

    • Robert Austin says:

      Considering that Churchill was ground zero for the Laurentide ice sheet, isostatic rebound would likely be strong in that record. But then they could adjust it, could they not?

  2. Another Ian says:

    Around this area

    “Polar bears are remarkable creatures, but I bet you don’t know just how remarkable they are. Scientists tracking some of these majestic beasts in the Southern Beaufort sea using radio-collars have determined that some of them spent the whole of the month of August in an area in which there was almost no sea ice! ”

    More at

  3. DavidE says:

    Polar bears appear to be smarter than climate researchers. Maybe the climate researchers thought that they would give them a hug for the good work they are doing.

  4. oeman50 says:

    Those poor polar bears! Someone get them a Coke!

  5. Paul in Sweden says:

    Arctic Ice Free and Northwest Passage Open for Hot Tub Deck Equipped Cruises

    Nature’s last refuge: climate change threatens our most fragile ecosystem | World news | The Guardian
    Today you can sail through the Northwest Passage, as I did last week, on a ship that offers hot-tubs, bars and restaurants, albeit with armed protection against polar bears and kit for keeping out the cold.

    Akademik Sergey Vavilov research vessel, operated by One Ocean Expeditions – made its 12-day, 1,945-nautical-mile journey from Kangerlussuaq in Western Greenland, across Baffin Bay, on to desolate Beechey Island (where some of Franklin’s men are buried), down through the Bellot Strait and past King William Island – near where the wreck of the Erebus was discovered last year – and into the little port of Cambridge Bay.

    This is of course not the same thing as going through the Northwest Passage and sailing into the Pacific.

  6. cheshirered says:

    All part of their deliberate propaganda campaign.
    1. Create the screaming headlines about some far-off point in the future.
    2. If the ‘prediction’ comes to pass (pretty much unheard of for those clowns to be accurate) scream ‘We told you so’.
    3. If wrong (as is usually the case) say nothing, safe in the knowledge the headline itself from years ago was really designed to help secure bigger objectives all along.
    4. Never apologise or admit you were wrong.
    5. Repeat.

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