Florida Hurricanes Occur Half As Often As They Used To

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In the 1870’s when CO2 was below 300 PPM, Florida averaged one hurricane per year. Now they average one every two years, and have had no hurricane strikes for almost ten years.

President Obama went to Florida a few weeks ago, and told them that increasing CO2 puts them at increased risk of hurricanes. As always, he was lying and talking about things he knows nothing about.

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2 Responses to Florida Hurricanes Occur Half As Often As They Used To

  1. Squildly says:

    Might be fewer hurricanes, but watch out trout fishermen, you’re going to have to drive further to fish because of .. wait for it .. Cliiiiiimate Chaaaaange …


    These people have absolutely no moral compass what-so-ever.

  2. Andy Oz says:

    Something that may interest you Tony, if you haven’t considered it before.
    The World Energy Production Widget is free and shows the breakdown by source.
    Might be worth dropping it onto the home page. The code is there.
    Up to you, mate.


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