More On The Mind-Blowing NOAA CEI Fraud

NOAA claims that 2012 was the most extreme weather year on record in the US.

ScreenHunter_10361 Sep. 07 07.48

U.S. Climate Extremes Index (CEI): Graph | National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI)

In fact, it was one of the quietest years on record for extreme temperatures. One year does stand out as extreme, and that was 1936 – which had by far the largest number of very hot and very cold days.

ScreenHunter_10392 Sep. 07 22.36

What NOAA did, was they (double) counted mild winter and spring days in 2012 as being “extreme.” They added one extreme count for mild winter days, and another for mild winter nights.  You just can’t make up fraud like this – it requires a concerted effort of government criminals to come up with something so insidious.

War is peace
Freedom is slavery
Ignorance is strength
Mild Is extreme

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