NASA Shows Only 0.5C Warming Since 1944

NASA is constantly tampering with their data to cool the past and warm the present – in order to make the hiatus disappear.


But one interesting thing is that they now show 2014 less than 0.5C warmer than 1944.

Fig.A2 (4)

The stated goal of climate fraudsters to stay under 2C warming based on fake NASA data, seems to be happening.

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One Response to NASA Shows Only 0.5C Warming Since 1944

  1. Pethefin says:

    I wish climate realists would stop falling for the rhetorical trick of the CAGW-movement and stop using the “temperature data”-expression. The GISS etc are no datasets in the actual meaning of the word, they are interpretations of observational data. Were the public to understand the difference between observational data and the interpretations that they are fed by the MSM and IPCC etc., they would start asking questions since the interpretations that they are supposed to trust keep changing…

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