Today’s Featured Climate Criminal – Joe Romm

Think Progress says “The West Is Literally On Fire” and drought stricken Colorado is burning up.

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As expected, the 2015 wildfire season has meant more bad news for drought-stricken Western states. As of June 30, 45 wildfires large active wildfires burned from Alaska down to Arizona and as far east as Colorado.

The West Is Literally On Fire, And The Impacts Could Be Widespread | ThinkProgress

In the real world, we have had one of the quietest fire seasons on record in the Rocky Mountains, and there is no drought.

An update on Colorado’s paltry 2015 wildfire season


With drought extinguished from the state, it is not surprising that there has been next to no media coverage on Colorado wildfires this year. There really hasn’t been much significant to report on. The cumulative graph below, provided by the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), tells the story. The blue line represents this year, while the dashed grey line is “normal.” Data contained in this graph is from the entire “Rocky Mountain” fire district,

Of course, you didn’t need this graph to tell you that the fire season has been thankfully tame this year. Just look to the sky, maybe towards the majestic Long’s Peak. Visibility this summer has been exceptional

An update on Colorado’s paltry 2015 wildfire season | BoulderCAST

Joe Romm created fake media coverage of Colorado’s almost non-existent fire season, because he is paid to lie about the climate. It is hard to start fires when the state is “extremely moist”


It hasn’t always been like this – In 1898 fires burned up almost one quarter of the state.

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COLORADO FOREST FIRES. – No Cessation of the Destructive Work of the Flames on the Wooded Mountains. – View Article –

The Deseret News – Google News Archive Search

But this gang of criminals are worse than they seem. According to NASA, 1898 was one of the coldest years on record.

Fig.A (4)

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  1. Pathway says:

    Just checking the Interagency Fire Center shows no fires burning in Colorado. There was a small fire near Craig a few weeks ago. The truth is that Colorado needs to burn 250,000 acres each year just to keep up with growth of climax vegetation.

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