1967: 43 Years Of Global Cooling

In 1967, National Geographic predicted 43 years of global cooling

ScreenHunter_10579 Oct. 01 08.32

ScreenHunter_10577 Oct. 01 08.28

In 1976, they followed up with this idea.

ScreenHunter_10580 Oct. 01 08.37

ScreenHunter_10576 Oct. 01 08.22

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2 Responses to 1967: 43 Years Of Global Cooling

  1. Bob Weber says:

    The National Geographic had smarter writers back then.

  2. Mac says:

    Stopped reading National Geographic years ago. I read it every month when I was a kid, and then continued to read it well into adulthood. However, over the last 15 years, they’ve basically morphed into just another politically correct faux-science propaganda rag promoting the idea that 0.04% CO2 in the atmosphere is going to burn up a 5 billion year-old planet that survived multitudes of meteor and comet impacts, earthquakes, and humongous volcano eruptions.

    Real shame. I still read the old issues on DVD-ROM.

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