Netherlands Massively Increasing Their Coal Capacity

Holland is famous for windmills, which they have been using for hundreds of years, yet are massively increasing their usage of coal.

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Dutch power stations use more coal –

Much of the Netherlands is below sea level, but they use 16th century technology to keep the water out. This is the way that sane, intelligent people think.

On the other hand, Barack Obama believes that building windmills is how you hold back the seas – making him quite possibly the stupidest person who ever lived.

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3 Responses to Netherlands Massively Increasing Their Coal Capacity

  1. Tab Numlock says:

    Great news. 1,500ppm (0.15%) of CO2 would seem to be the minimum healthy level. We won’t get there without coal.

  2. Ross says:

    Amazing. We should start a list of those countries which are increasing coal use –Netherlands, Germany, China, most of South East Asia ( 1000 + new coal fired power stations in the pipeline), India etc.
    The whole issue has gone well beyond scam, to be being the biggest joke around town.

  3. Another Ian says:


    O/T and I’ve spread it a bit

    “Mileage here methinks in the dance of the thermometers!

    “James Bradley

    October 3, 2015 at 4:49 pm · Reply

    Healthy human body temperature averages 98.6F or 37C. This has been recorded since thermometers were invented in about 1714 and has never changed with modern humans still averaging 98.6F or 37C.

    Why is it that historic meteorological temperature data requires adjusting while historical medical temperature data doesn’t?”

    From a comment at

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