Fundraising At NSIDC

Boulder is the world’s epicenter of climate fraud. Check out today’s fundraising BS from NSIDC.

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Scientists who have been raising alarms about the endangered ice sheet of West Antarctica say they’ve identified a key glacier that could pose the single most immediate threat to the world’s coastlines — and are pushing for an urgent new effort to study it.

The glacier is not one that most Americans will have even heard of — Thwaites Glacier along the Amundsen Sea. It’s a monstrous body that is bigger than Pennsylvania and has discharged over 100 billion tons of ice each year in recent years.

Mindless propaganda. At that rate of loss, it will 3,000 years for sea level to rise one meter. Greenland has gained over 100 billion tons of snow in the last four weeks.

The glacier is both vast and vulnerable, because its ocean base is exposed to warm water and because of an unusual set of geographic circumstances that mean that if it starts collapsing, there may be no end to the process. But it’s also difficult to study because of its location — not near any U.S. research base, and in an area known for treacherous weather. As a result, the researchers are also calling for more support from the federal government to make studying West Antarctica’s glaciers, and Thwaites in particular, a top priority.

More BS. The water around West Antarctica has been running below normal temperature for years.

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“In some scenarios, the next 50 years or 100 years could see, you could begin to see very rapid ice loss from central West Antarctica. It’s the wild card,” said Ted Scambos, the lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center who chaired a meeting earlier this month of West Antarctic scientists outside Loveland, Colorado.  Thwaites, says Scambos, has “much more upward potential than we realized.”

Scientists declare an ‘urgent’ mission – study West Antarctica, and fast – The Washington Post

The process Scambos is describing has been going on for centuries. It has nothing to do with humans and there is nothing we could do about it.


21 Jul 1932 – A Warmer World.

Scambois is pushing exactly the same fairy tale which scientists were using to raise money 70 years ago.




15 Oct 1951 – WORLD IS WARMER Glaciers Melting

It is all about the money and politics. This has nothing to do with science.

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12 Responses to Fundraising At NSIDC

  1. Gonzo says:

    You gotta figure to outfit a long term operation there would take $100million+ for a several year study. Nice work if you can get it! I guess they’re jealous of the crook Jadish Shukla.

  2. Ron C, says:

    Let’s help them draw the right conclusions from their own data.

  3. Stephen Richards says:

    Mr Scam-bois. How ironic.

  4. Rud Istvan says:

    More disinformation. Thwaites is quite a bit smaller than Pine Island. Those are the two largest of six total glaciers within the Amundsen Embayment basin of WAIS. Thwaites is the one thought to be over an active volcano system. Not very much Obama or UNFCCC can do about that.

  5. Password Protected says:

    It is all about the money and politics *and egos*.

  6. Squidly says:

    With so many knowledgeable folks on this blog, possessing such understanding of this particular topic, can we not fight back and expose these scamsters to their prospective funding targets? … Perhaps thwart their efforts at gaining those donations/grants? … and expose them for the frauds that they are? Can we coordinate an effort here?

  7. oeman50 says:

    50 to 100 years from now, some ice might melt so it is urgent, urgent, I tell you, that you give me a gazillion $$ right now, even though I won’t be alive to confirm if it is true or not.

  8. Taphonomic says:

    And then again, the scientists may just be too drunk to understand what is really going on in Antarctica.

    Alcohol consumption by scientists in Antarctica is leading to “unpredictable behavior that has led to fights, indecent exposure, and employees arriving to work under the influence.”

  9. handjive says:

    A new NASA study challenges an accepted belief that Antarctica has lost billions of tonnes more ice to melt, than it has gained through snowfall.

    The IPCC found that the losses probably increased from about 30 billion tonnes per year between 1992 and 2001, to about 147 billion tonnes between 2002 and 2011.

    But NASA-Goddard glaciologist Jay Zwally has confirmed that his complex re-examination of satellite data challenges the accepted view of overall loss.
    After refining and recalibrating the measurements over a similar period to the IPCC’s record, Dr Zwally reports gains have outweighed losses.

  10. Skeptic says:

    Maybe they can hook up with that bunch of losers from Australia and get their ship trapped in the disappearing ice.

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