1946 : DC Cherry Blossom Season Lasted Seven Months

In 1946, Washington DC cherry blossoms bloomed a record early March 15.


Ludington Daily News – Google News Archive Search

They bloomed again in November that year.


1 Nov 1946, Page 3 – at Newspapers.com

This year (NOAA’s hottest year ever) the Potomac was frozen solid on March 7, and cherry blossoms were the latest on record – with no florets visible during March for the first time on record.


Bloom Watch | National Cherry Blossom Festival

Three years ago, the geniuses at the Washington Post predicted that global warming would make cherry trees bloom in February.

ScreenHunter_7878 Mar. 13 08.56ScreenHunter_7880 Mar. 13 08.57

Could cherry blossoms one day be blooming in winter? – The Washington Post

The global warming scam is being pushed by utter morons, who have no idea what they are talking about and understand nothing about science or radiative physics.

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