1959 Storm Was Much More Powerful

After all of the mindless hype yesterday about Patricia, they are now claiming landfall at 165 MPH. Puerto Vallarta never recorded wind speeds over 14 MPH, and the storm weakened to a category 1 shortly after landfall.


Webcam as the storm passed Puerto Vallarta


By contrast, the 1959 hurricane made landfall at least 161 MPH, and maintained that speed 50 miles inland. Readings below are in knots.


Damage from the 1959 storm was catastrophic



1 Nov 1959, Page 1 – at Newspapers.com

Based on damage it is clear that the 1959 storm was much more powerful.

Ahead of Paris, we now have a completely fake record hottest year, a completely fake record flood in South Carolina, and a completely fake most powerful hurricane ever. All declared by government agencies under control of the White House.

You can be certain that Obama will be using all of this propaganda.

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2 Responses to 1959 Storm Was Much More Powerful

  1. Edmonton Al says:

    Thanks Tony for being so quick to expose the overly hyped claims of the AGW media liars.
    My neighbor has his condo for sale at Puerto Vallarta. He was afraid that the storm would cause the potential buyer to withdraw his offer.
    I am sending him this link to ease his mind.
    Thanks again.

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