More Smoking Guns Of Fraud At NASA

In 1923, the whole world was rapidly warming and glaciers were disappearing. It was reported that “Iceland is no longer … the land of ice


04 May 1923 – WINTERS ARE WARMER. Why the World’s Climate is C…

NASA (AKA The Ministry of Truth) does not show this warming prior to 1923.

Fig.A2 (1)

This pre-1923 warming was clearly shown in the 1975 National Academy of Sciences graph, as was the cooling after the 1883 eruption of Krakatoa – which NASA has also erased.

ScreenHunter_10729 Oct. 09 22.55

In 1976, National Geographic showed the same pre-1923 warm up, and had a discussion of the 1883 Krakatoa cooling.


They also photographically documented the retreat of glaciers before 1940.

ScreenHunter_3436 Oct. 09 23.38

ScreenHunter_3435 Oct. 09 23.38

Until a few years ago, NASA showed the 1920’s warm up in Iceland, and temperature maximum around 1940.


station (13)

But that didn’t fit the needs of the criminals in the White House, so NASA simply made the earlier warmth in Iceland disappear.



The people generating these graphs are fraudsters, not scientists. It is sad a few clueless skeptics still pretend that the NASA/NOAA temperature records are somehow legitimate.

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5 Responses to More Smoking Guns Of Fraud At NASA

  1. Christopher Korvin says:

    Could someone who knows whom to contact,approach the people at NASA ask them for an explanation for the striking difference between these two Reykjavik charts and publish the response on this web site,please.( I notice they don`t cover the same time period .It makes simple eyeballing the difference rather difficult)

  2. frederik wisse says:

    It would be a joke to believe that the employees of NASA and NOAA did this by their free will . They are acting on orders from the highest level possible , afraid of loosing their jobs if they do not obey . This way Obama is creating a new social class , the white slave , totally government dependent and disciplined by the flow of money, like the receipients of social welfare . It is cynical and dehumanizing and will only stop when the government will run out of cash or the dollar is considered junk and has no buying power any longer . The prophesies of Jesus about Jerusalem will be rehersead in another style .

  3. Billyjack says:

    NASA is just a another corrupt bureacracy of the criminal federal government since Apollo. As a side light just saw “the Martian” movie claimed as scientifically accurate. Dust storm winds devastate @ density of less than 1% of earth, apparent gravity is earthlike, so much for technical accuracy. Only technical point they got right was NASA rescue supply ship blew up on take off, since they only had 3 months to launch.

  4. ddcannady says:

    Regular con-artists, when their scam is blown, pack up and leave hoping to not get caught. This scam is being perpetrated by the leaders of our national and international governments. All of this made possible by the weakening of the Constitution over the decades preceding. Such breaches of the Constitution as the welfare programs, drug prohibition and Congress delegating their authority to the Executive branch have made it possible for unscrupulous power-mongers to grab the reins of government. We are no longer the owners of our own bodies and, thus, have been made children under the law. Our only protection from this is the complete return of the individual sovereignty won by the Founders of the United States.

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