NOAA Data Debunks NOAA Lies

Criminals at NOAA are claiming that sea level in the San Francisco Bay is rising to catastrophic levels.

2015-10-31-11-46-532015-10-31-11-48-18National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Sea level rise problems to accelerate in Bay Area |

Their own data shows that there has been no change in San Francisco Bay sea level for decades.

9414750 (1)Sea Level Trends – State Selection

NASA says that Antarctica is gaining ice.

2015-10-31-10-37-09NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses | NASA

Greenland is gaining record amounts of ice


Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Mass Budget: DMI

In summary. There has been no sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay, and no source of melting ice to raise sea level. The NOAA claims are 100% fraudulent, are not based on any science, and only exist to push the White House political agenda.

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5 Responses to NOAA Data Debunks NOAA Lies

  1. NoFreeWind says:

    re: San Fran sea level apocalypse
    And people wonder why “we” don’t just trust the experts.
    In one sentence he writes –
    “sea levels are rising faster than expected”
    then two sentences later he writes
    “Sea level rise is going kind of slowly right now”

  2. Gonzo says:

    Jay Zwally must be a heretic to the alarmists at NASA. Many of his papers/studies have shown minimal ice loss or even ice gain the Antarctic and now this paper. He’s probably close to retirement and doesn’t give a rat’s a z z.

  3. Travis Casey says:

    Hi Tony. I wonder if it would be possible to locate original blueprints for the Golden Gate Bridge to show how much concrete was used at the footings of the towers. In theory it would show the height above mean sea level or mean low tide. I am thinking that a certain amount, say 8 feet above msl. would be described in the drawings and that could be measured today to compare. My instincts tell me that there would be less than a couple of inches difference over the years. I have had a similar idea in my area of Galveston, TX. The seawall that was built afte the great hurricane of 1900 was 15.5 ft. above msl. I am very curious what that number is today after 110 years. The tide gauges show about two feet of sea level rise in that time frame, but also their is significant subsidence happening as well. I have tried to find old Galveston pictures showing the beach extent from many years ago, the same as you showed of the California coast with the old MGM photo, but haven’t found the right perspective at this point.

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