NOAA Hiding The Decline

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28 Jun 2006, Page 4 

Ten years ago, NOAA showed that all warming occurred before 1950, and a sharp drop in temperature after 1950. The National Academy of Sciences showed the same thing in 1975.

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The National Center for Atmospheric Research showed the same thing in 1974.

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This didn’t fit the government political agenda, so they simply made it disappear.

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7 Responses to NOAA Hiding The Decline

  1. Chaam Jamal says:

    The real issue in AGW is not whether it is warming but whether fossil fuel emissions cause warming and there is no evidence that they do

    • Scott says:

      AND if such warming is significant. AND if warming is bad or good. AND, if it is bad, is it worse to try to midigate it or just adapt to it.

  2. sfx2020 says:

    Which is a shame, because if the sun goes into a long Minimum, and the world starts cooling, we have no easy way to warm it up.

  3. sfx2020 says:

    Same for a bunch of big volcanoes going off. If increasing the greenhouse effect won’t cause warming, we could face world wide disaster from a combo of volcanoes, solar dimming, and that actually would be a disaster.

  4. sam says:

    A few questions if someone can answer; we can see how they changed the historic charts, exactly what is their justification or methodology?.. I was watching a video on 1000frolly and the ‘nobel laurete’ – i think he said that they inserted ‘ocean’ temperatures into the model, which are easy to fudge, that sounds right now that we are in the era of “the heat went into the ocean, deep into the ocean (sigh)”
    Also we know for a fact that in the basket of GHGs in the troposphere, water is 95% and co2 is .01% that FACT is not on the wikidpedia page, but then they include that co2 is 9-26% of the ‘greenhouse effect’. any thoughts on that, i assume the 9-26% thing was written up in another one of those peer reviewed ‘maybe’ papers.

    like the more recent one that claimed that ‘maybe’ the reason antartic sea ice had set a record in 2014 was that ‘there was less ice on the land’. it’s a good thing that they put ‘maybe’ on that one otherwise it would not have gotten that increasinglt impressive ‘peer reviewed’ sticker.

    • sam says:

      LOL i just clicked on the [22] on the ‘effect’ part of the wiki page.. it took me directly to the word MAY BE .. seriously, i did not plan this in advance

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