Patricia – 120 Meter Waves, 380 KPH Winds

Constant one-upmanship from the press to see who can be the most stupid and dishonest.


Hurricane Patricia hits the Mexico. “The stronger than ever, possible destructive waves” – Mobile

h/t Tom Nelson

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2 Responses to Patricia – 120 Meter Waves, 380 KPH Winds

  1. James the Elder says:

    Bathurst Bay, Australia–1899–13 meters. Katrina–8 meters. The Great Alaska Tsunami–66 meters. Lituya Bay–1740 feet–a big splash in a bath tub. 120 meters off the open sea is the stuff of cosmic impacts. This amount of stupid cannot be measured by modern instruments.

  2. John F. Hultquist says:

    “… instead of the 320 planned.”

    planned? By God, I assume.
    At one time words had meaning. Perhaps the person that wrote this could be given a dictionary to read. Entries are short and the subject matter changes frequently.

    “… 120 meters”
    This must have come from Gov. Jerry Moonbeam Brown — he’s good with numbers.

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