Clean Coal

Coal powered electricity has been demonized by complete morons, like the President of the United States. Here are the three coal power plants I depend on.

The Rawhide Generating Station serves all of Northern Colorado. It is essentially pollution free.

The Dickerson, Maryland power plant serves much of Washington DC area. It is essentially pollution free.


The Boulder power plant serves Boulder and much of the surrounding region. It is essentially pollution free.


CO2 is not black. It didn’t give Malia asthma. It is not a pollutant. When are these anti-coal morons going to be silenced once and for all?

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4 Responses to Clean Coal

  1. emmaliza says:

    I’ve been studying the communist movement and the USSR’s history. The Bolsheviks were the world’s most murderous group in history, and their goal was to control the world, killing as many as necessary to achieve their goal. They moved to Europe and the US after WW2, but it is very possible that this whole fossil fuel war is of their evil doing. How easy to destroy millions of innocent people if you take away their access to affordable energy. Thousands of elderly died in the UK the past few winters as a result of their insane costs of heating homes.

    • Oliver K. Manuel says:

      I arrived independently at much the same conclusion. The UN is an abbreviation for the USSR after its goals expanded to engulf the globe on 24 OCT 1945

  2. R2Dtoo says:

    The UN should be reduced to a General Assembly and Security Council. That’s it! All the other bureaucracies are just another unaccountable layer of government. National governments have aid agencies, weather divisions etc and the UN is not needed. The 3/4 empty building could provide low-cost housing for NY’s folks.

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