Massive Climate Fraud In Pennsylvania

The Union of Concerned Scientists, Penn State University, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection put out a spectacularly fraudulent report in 2012 claiming that hot days are going to become much more common in Pennsylvania.

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22 Apr 2012, Page 9 – at

It took me less than five seconds of looking at Pennsylvania data to determine that the report was fraudulent.

The number of 90 degree days in Pennsylvania has been dropping since the start of records in 1895. They peaked in the 1930s, with another spike in the 1980s. Ninety degree days occur only half as often now in Pennsylvania as they did during the 1930s. Interesting to note that the highest year was 1988, when James Hansen gave his testimony to Congress.

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The number of 100 degree days has also been dropping, with only two years since the 1960’s averaging at least one 100 degree day across the state.  One hundred degree days have become very rare in Pennsylvania as CO2 has increased.

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As with essentially every single government funded climate report, this one has no basis in science – and is an intentional attempt to mislead the public. UCS also says that winters in the Northeast are becoming less snowy.

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They are attempting to steal money from sincere people through fraud, exactly like Bernie Madoff.

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3 Responses to Massive Climate Fraud In Pennsylvania

  1. Billyjack says:

    Theft & corruption appears to be the entire purpose of the federal government with constant discloures of money being spent that is decribed by the media as “waste and inefficiency”. I wonder to whose bank account this “waste and ineffciency” is deposited. The climate scam is just another conduit to steal like wars(on drugs, poverty, terrorism), healthcare, farm susidies, education, ad infinitum.

  2. R2Dtoo says:

    I have always wondered just how much money has been raised by the polar bear scare. Just pick an icon and pour out the tear-jerking message. Never mind that polar bears are doing just fine – that is beside the point! It’s too bad that false advertising doesn’t apply to NGOs.

  3. Mark says:

    I have been working in the commercial air conditioning industry in Massachusetts since 1986. I remember the long hot summers of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, long work days, plenty of overtime for weeks and some years months. The last 10-12 summers there have been very few sustained heat waves, 2010 was the last I can remember. There has been minimal overtime during the summers over the last decade or so. The Northeast charts you just posted are exactly as I remember.
    Love the site

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