Distinguishing Between Natural And Man-Made Sea Level Rise


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2 Responses to Distinguishing Between Natural And Man-Made Sea Level Rise

  1. Scott Scarborough says:

    It looks like it was about 16mm/year during the “melt water pulse.” And over the long haul, has slowed to about 0.5 mm/year. Probably negative during the little ice age and a little over 0.5 mm/year since to make up for the little ice age.

  2. Bill says:

    It’s been my firm opinion that we are still warming up from the “Ice Age” since I was a kid. I held that opinion long before all of this “Global Warming”, “Climate Change”, nonsense ever became newsworthy. I have participated in discussions of this nature since back in the 50’s when I was first exposed to discussions of Ice ages, big and little. These people are doing nothing more than seeking to control our lives and activities and enrich themselves in the process. It makes me sick that we haven’t yet silenced them with facts.

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