Spike Is 100% Due To El Nino

Fraudster Michael Mann claims that the recent temperature spike is due mainly to global warming, and El Nino is a minor component.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 at 08.26.24 AM

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

In fact, the spike is completely due to El Nino. Troposphere temperatures were flat for 17 years prior to the El Nino.


Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

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9 Responses to Spike Is 100% Due To El Nino

  1. Jack Striker says:

    How the hell did it spike that much in the first place? Are we sure they aren’t just outright fabricating everything now?

    • Bruce of Newcastle says:

      The Pacific just farted.

      You can see it in the update from Paul Homewood yesterday. The el Nino is collapsing very rapidly, which you can see especially in the last graphic. All that heat is going straight up into the atmosphere.

      I’ve been keeping an eye on our local Aussie BoM ENSO outlook page. They’ve been consistently overestimating the persistence of the el Nino, and have had to revise downwards their estimate every month. That suggests the la Nina is going to be big, hairy and very very cool. Sucked in warmies!

  2. Andrew M. says:

    Actually the full picture looks like this.

    I assume NINO3.4 represents the effect of ENSO. After removing as much ENSO variance from sea temperatures as possible, the result on a 12-month averaged basis is that 2015 is still the hottest year on record. The peak of 2010 was slightly hotter but it didn’t last as long as 2015. The adjustment formula as shown completely removes the temperature spikes of 1998 and 2010, yet still 2015 remains unusually high.

    The hot year of 2015 cannot be due “100%” to El Nino. Just calling it as I see it, by the numbers. Other factors must be in play.

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