Hiding The Decline In The US


A favorite scare tactic of climate alarmists is that we are going to burn up in scorching summer heat. The evidence is overwhelming that the exact opposite is happening.

The areal coverage of hot afternoons in the US has plummeted over the last 95 years.


The frequency of hot afternoons have also plummeted.


And the hottest temperatures has also plummeted.



STATECOLLEGE_PA_HottestDailyMaximumTemperature_Jun_Aug_1930_2016 HILLSBORO_OH_HottestDailyMaximumTemperature_Jun_Aug_1930_2016 MEEKER5W_OK_HottestDailyMaximumTemperature_Jun_Aug_1930_2016


CALGARYINTL_CN_HottestDailyMaximumTemperature_Jul_Jul_1920_2016FTSCOTT_KS_HottestDailyMaximumTemperature_Jan_Dec_1930_2015 COLDWATER_KS_HottestDailyMaximumTemperature_Jan_Dec_1930_2015 PALESTINE_IL_HottestDailyMaximumTemperature_Jan_Dec_1930_2015 ITASCAUNIVOFMINN_MN_HottestDailyMaximumTemperature_Jun_Aug_1930_2016

July temperatures in Fort Scott, Kansas averaged almost 20 degrees hotter in 1954 than they did last year, which was NOAA’s HottestYearEver™

FTSCOTT_KS_DailyMaximumTemperatureF_Jul_Jul_1954_2015 Climate alarmism depends on a complete ignorance of both science, and history.

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7 Responses to Hiding The Decline In The US

  1. RAH says:

    Though I agree there has been a general decline over the longer run I also believe that Joe Bastardi is right when he says that April will be the hottest on record and that five of the last 6 months have been hot due to the powerful El Nino.


    The alarmists have been having a field day with this El Nino but we are fast approaching the time when they will have to once again work to hide the decline when the La Nina kicks in.

    • I’ve been freezing my ass off the last six months.

      • True, it always seems to be hot somewhere else. We were clearing snow.

      • RAH says:

        While you and Colorado are enjoying the wonders of a mountain environment we here in the flat lands have generally had a pretty warm April. When the fronts come through we drop down for a couple days with highs in the 60s but then the warmer weather comes back. Average for Anderson, In this time of year is a high of 61 deg. F and a low of 42 deg. F. We’ve been running well above that. It’s 72 deg. F right now. Wearing just jeans and a T shirt I just got back from riding my 800 cc Intruder down my place of work to check that they got all the issues I wrote upon my tractor taken care of over my vacation this week.
        Shimmy in left front at Hi-way speeds
        Squeaking Idler pulley or belts
        Inoperable bunk heater
        Dead 12 V plug back by the bunk
        Throwing a little oil from the front main seal
        New summer weight wiper blades

        They say the truck is ready to go and they put new steer tires on it and that’s a good thing because I went back on call at 06:00 this morning and I hate having to use a loaner truck.

        BTW US DOT is staring a push for driver facing cameras in Big trucks. Big brother taken to the extreme.

  2. Menicholas says:

    “Climate alarmism depends on a complete ignorance of both science, and history.”

    This is exactly right, and it is only near total ignorance by the masses that makes it possible for alarmism to gain any foothold.

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